Mindy Gibbins-Klein in Times Square subway

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Portrait of Mindy Gibbins-Klein with the Empire State Building

Managing Director and CEO Panoma Press

Managing Director and  CEO The Book Midwife

Director at Global Woman Club New York


Personal branding images NYC

Mindy needed some images for Global Woman Club New York City to show the club's presence in the city.

Personal branding for illustrator

Jean Nestares

Personal branding for artist Jean Nestares
Personal branding portrait for artisi Jean Nestares
portrait of artist Jean Nestares
Personal branding portrait of interior desginer Ania Sempi

Ania Sempi

white background personal branding portrait of Ania Sempi
Ania Sempi leaning against a black background for her personal branding portrait.
portrait of a beautiful mature woman in an evening gown
personal branding portrait of an architect against a white background

Dorit Zemer

personal branding portrait leaning against a white wall
portrait of an architect, leaning on a white cube in front of a white background
Portrait of a woman wearing a black sleeveless top against a dark background
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